079 With all due respect, be gone! Sir.

“With all due respect, be gone! Sir.”

Actually, in the meantime we have had a change of heart and we are quite glad the season is well and truly over. Before sending it on its way into the history books, we describe the various forms of embarrassment and shame brought about by the three last matches of the season, analyse whether or not team spirit also played a role, and wonder how we will remember 2020/21. Finally, should we be optimistic about next season?

A fond farewell is bid to Oscar Wendt and Ibo Traore who are leaving the club. Thank you, Mr. Traore, for agreeing to greet our listeners at the beginning of each and every episode of Vollraute Abroad. Other players and members of the coaching staff (what were their names again?) are also leaving the club. We will definitely not miss them (Chief of Security Worf, your cue) as much as we will miss making this podcast in the summer break.

Are we looking forward to next season? Well, is Juan Arango the greatest ever?

and…THE legendary goal of the decade: