086 Can we play you every week?

Can we play you every week?
Happy New Year everyone! Just when we thought we’d have to go into relegation battle mode, grateful for every measly, undeserved point we are gifted, along come Bayern Munich and make us feel good about ourselves again. Thank you, folks, always a pleasure, and we’re only too happy to discuss the match in great detail. 
Other topics this time: a cursory summary of the three last games of the annus horribilis 2021, developments on the transfer market, financial problems our club could be facing and possibly unpleasant solutions to these, as well as a possible new “core team” for the 2nd half of the season.
Legendary Goal: Patrick Herrmann’s second goal against our next opponent Leverkusen in the legendary 6:3 away win on 29th August, 2010, his third of altogether 46 goals in the Bundesliga for the best club in the world in his now 83 years at Borussia Mönchengladbach. Our first away win in Leverkusen in 16 years marked the start of one of those traumatic free falls that Mönchengladbach fans have to cope with every now and again, but that’s another story.

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