085 Temporarily (?) out of order!

Temporarily (?) out of order
Borussia Moenchengladbach NUUUUULL – Freiburg SECHS … seven days after cruising to a four nil win against puny Fürth, our current squad lose the prestigious derby against a limited but hard-working Cologne team in the final fifteen minutes after suffering a nervous breakdown and conceding three goals.
The weekend after that, they go ahead and ruin Christmas, the whole season and maybe even more with a historical nightmare day at the office wherein they concede six highly avoidable, bordering on slapstick, goals at home in 36 minutes against a worthy but unspectacular opponent.
How could such a talented bunch of young men playing for probably the best club in the world fall apart like that a mere five weeks after destroying Bayern Munich 5:0 (see Vollraute Abroad no. 84)? Was it a freak accident, or rather a bone-chilling harbinger of developments to come? Is there a pattern there? Whose fault is it anyway? Where did it all go wrong?
The circumstances may be beyond our control, but you can count on us (Manuel, Alexis, Kurtz, George Best) to gaze unflinchingly into the abyss and come up with an explanation more elaborate than “the horror, the horror”.
Sorry, no legendary goal this podcast. We weren’t in the mood
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