081 Oh, good grief, Charlie Brown!

Boo! Nothing compares to that sinking feeling you get when you realize on match day three that your team are going to have ANOTHER “difficult” season, just like the last one. The same players as last year (and the year before that) seem to be committed to making the same mistakes again and again and again (individually and collectively), despite having a brand new, hitherto successful and highly regarded new coach to work with. (Wait a moment, that sounds familiar somehow.)

This time around, the nightmarish afternoon in Leverkusen and the dismal display in Berlin make the memory of the epic performance against Bayern Munich fade into insignificance. In a valiant effort to keep you entertained, informed and addicted to our podcast, we struggle to come up with new thoughts or at least words to talk about the chronic “Mönchengladbach disease”. Find out if we succeed.

Other topics: how it felt to be in the Nordpark stadium again (against Bayern Munich), developments on the transfer market, and the upcoming match against Bielefeld.

This time around, the legendary goal was scored in Bielefeld and the ball defied the laws of physics but not because the scorer commanded it to (so for once it can`t be by Juan Arango). No, it is in fact our star striker of 1997, Andrzey Juskowiak, who somehow manages to bundle the ball into goal twice. Witness the slapstick and hear about the amazing facts and statistics behind our first away win of that season. And enjoy the streaker. (You don’t see that on television anymore!)

Credit: Intro/Outro-Musik von Nomoredolls, Electric Sheep, http://www.jamendo.com/de/track/275278/electric-sheep
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