088 The torture never stops!

Join us for a talk through the past three matches, all against other teams trying to avoid relegation: first, a spirited comeback at home after a host of clueless “defending” mistakes for a draw against Wolfsburg; second, the most depressing type of defeat against Stuttgart, throwing away a surprising two-nil lead thanks to clueless “defending” and a general lack of professionalism and enthusiasm; third, a home win against shambolic and walking dead Hertha BSC Berlin despite clueless “defending”, thanks to acceptable attacking play and a bit of luck, too.

What, we hear you cry, do these three matches have in common? It takes all of our considerable knowledge to come with up with a coherent, convincing explanation within thirty minutes. Listen to our podcast to hear our breathtaking analysis, plus a lot of moaning and grumbling. Still expletive-free, we hasten to add!

Legendary goals: The fastest foot in the west… second only to Juan Arango… free-kick maestro Thomas Kastenmaier and a fine example of his craft, his, erm, free-kick against Bochum on 25th March 1995, where Bochum’s goalkeeper stated, “You can’t save a shot when the ball is travelling so fast that you can’t see it!”

Legendary goal:

Host: Manuel Breuer
Co-Host: Alexis

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