075 Bear the unbearable

1-2 v Mainz, 0-2 v City and 2-3 v Leipzig – Manuel and Alexis try to make sense of the downward spiral that set off (or accelerated) after Rose’s announced departure in the Summer: attacking football is dead and the team is still conceding goals. In the centre of attention: the coach. Manuel also goes on a rant about tactical v individual coaching and why Rose is therefore to blame for the meek performances while Alexis quotes the Japanese emperor’s radio address to his people at the end of WWII…
Our legendary goal of the week come from mullet-sporting extraordinaire Frank Schulz, 1991 vs Bayer during an emphatic 5-2 away victory. No video available; here’s the Sportschau ‘Goal of the Month’ link:

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012 2015/wk34 - Totally Ungladbach

Despite matchday 1 of the Bundesliga turning into a right nightmare for the foals losing 0-4 to Dortmund, Manuel got together with BVB-writer (@espnfc) and podcaster Stephan Buczko (@bvbawesome) to do a double feature that also appeared on his @yellowwallpod episode. Where did it all go wrong for Gladbach, what worked well for hosts BvB? After the detailed round-up of the match, Manuel briefly goes over the season home debut v Mainz on Sunday and new Hertha signing Nico Schulz.

Thank you Ibra Traoré :-)

Credit: Intro/Outro-Musik von Nomoredolls, Electric Sheep
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