093 Never mind the champions league - here's the youth team

Sorry we’re late, the internet connection kept breaking down. Your hosts Manuel and Alexis, of course, never break down.

Instead, we break down pre-season developments and bring you up to date on the transformation of the squad who are going to represent probably the greatest club in the world this season. With the departure of big names Stindl, Bensebaini, Thuram, Elvedi, and … Whatsisname (the one who does ads for beauty products and now plays for a multi-national pharmaceutical and chemicals company) and the arrival of players known only to insiders such as us, namely Honorat, Cvancara, Hack, and Ranos, one could be either fearful of what lies ahead or enthusiastic about a breath of fresh air and the potential of our youngest squad in years.

For the fourth time in five years, Borussia Mönchengladbach have started the season with a new coach, as we still struggle to cope in the aftermath of the rather painful and harrowing divorce from former sporting director Max Eberl, the man who built us up only to try to pull us down. Will Gerald Aseaone, who has an impressive track record, finally be the one who leads the team’s football in the right direction?

Find out all you need to know about the first two Bundesliga matches, the first one a (partly for the wrong reasons) breathtakingly entertaining away game in Augsburg, the second one a depressing humiliation by a group of players financed by and representing a multi-national pharmaceutical and chemicals company, a team that has never had enough supporters to fill its own 30 000 capacity stadium even though they’ve been playing in the Champions League every second year for decades.

In the run-up to the home match against Bayern Munich, we have chosen Igor de Camargo’s possibly wiliest goal as our Legendary Goal: the 1-0 against Bayern Munich in 2011 that sealed our first away win there for 15 years and kick-started one of our Legendary Seasons as well as our run of good results to this day against possibly the biggest show-offs and worst losers in the football business.

Legendary goal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYAj2WpDJTQ

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Host: Manuel Breuer // @binger05
Co-Host: Alexis