089 No hard feelings

Sorry, folks! It’s been a while, but Renaissance Man Manuel was working very hard pursuing his many careers and Alexis was away meditating on the remaining terrace of the Bökelberg stadium.
Pleasantly surprised to discover Borussia Mönchengladbach (probably the best club in the world) hadn’t been relegated to the second division after all, and discarding Alexis’ plan to meticulously describe and then categorise every single one of the remaining eight matches in a four-hour special, we decided to attempt a synopsis of last season by describing key moments of the campaign that we think will linger on, changes in personnel included.
Furthermore, we look forward to life with a new coach and a “back to the roots” change of course promised by our new manager.

Host: Manuel Breuer
Co-Host: Alexis

Credit: Intro/Outro-Musik von Nomoredolls, Electric Sheep, http://www.jamendo.com/de/track/275278/electric-sheep
Topic-Jingle: Apple/Garageband