082 What a difference a match makes

And the difference is a win at home! 90 short minutes (plus injury time) and those moments of bliss, those thrilling Denis Zakaria runs, brought us our first win of the season. As Dinah Washington would undoubtedly agree, there’s nothing better than three points in the league, and we definitely prefer a win against relegation-battling Bielefeld to an epic draw against the serial Bundesliga champions.

In our view, this warrants a euphoric, over-the-top 3-hour-special, but we have painstakingly edited the podcast down to our standard smoothly and professionally executed 30 minutes. Forget the peevishness and ill-humour of our last podcast and join us to celebrate (I’ll say it again) Denis Zakaria, as well as superhero Capitano Lars Stindl. Honourable mentions are made of some of our talented young new team members who gave it their all. Brows are furrowed as we wonder why Fabian Neuhaus can’t stop playing those kamikaze passes. It’s Alexis’ turn to recount what it was like to be in the half-full Nordpark stadium. (Spoiler: It was fantastic!)

Oh yes, there’s a quick preview of our next match, away to Augsburg (groan!), a team not unlike (shudder!) Union Berlin.

“Legendary goals” tries to settle the delicate nerves of Borussia Mönchengladbach fans by featuring Lars Stindl’s goal against Augsburg in 2015. (Lars must be thrilled to bits that he is second only to Juan Arango in the Legendary Goals hitparade!)

Credit: Intro/Outro-Musik von Nomoredolls, Electric Sheep, http://www.jamendo.com/de/track/275278/electric-sheep
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