083 Marco who

Marco who?

So … we thought we would be reduced to feeble attempts at scorning Marco Whatshisname for … what was it we were angry about again? We were prepared to spit venom and spew bile after three depressing performances and subsequent humiliating defeats. We had been planning to do our own version of the BBC’s “Just a minute” for all three of the last matches, except without the humour or wit.

But instead, we offer you a fun-packed and fantastically entertaining podcast filled with razor-sharp analysis, breathtaking insights and lots of “I told you so”‘s, with sprinkles of “as I said a couple of weeks ago”, as we delve into the matches that brought victories against two German Champions League contenders: The Forces Of Evil (a.k.a. Borussia Dortmund) and the Bundesliga’s hardest, most physically intimidating and unfairest team (not club), Wolfsburg. (There might have been another match since we last recorded, but we don’t remember the result, and we doubt our team even turned up.) It seems as if Adi Hütter has found the magic formula to make everything click into place. Join us to find out what he did right.

The Legendary Goal comes from Václav Svěrkoš, another of our frustrating, underperforming strikers, who had occasional moments of glory (in this case in the third round of the German Cup in 2003 against VfB Stuttgart) for which we still love him to death: “Svěrkoooooooooš!!!”.
Credit: Intro/Outro-Musik von Nomoredolls, Electric Sheep, http://www.jamendo.com/de/track/275278/electric-sheep
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