091 A mixed bag

Right! Sorry to have kept you waiting, but the dog ate our recording. You will have been waiting with baited breath, surely, to see whether we are still as content as we were in episode 90 with the direction the undoubtedly greatest team, club and coach in the world are going. Or are they going in a direction at all? Listen to this episode to find out if we know the answer.

In episode 91 we present a recap of 9 matches in one slim, trim podcast. The dedicated listeners to Vollraute Abroad will know that we love categorising our team’s performances – this time it’ll be: the unforgivable, the undistinguishable, and the unforgettable – our team has been going from one extreme to the next. On the one hand, we rejoice in the VERY IMPORTANT derby win against Cologne, which was, to our great relief, a grand success and – as Borussia folklore has it – an omen that Daniel Farke is indeed the chosen one. On the other, we indulge in horrible and gruesome revenge fantasies against the club, players, fans and inhabitants of Darmstadt. Further talking points: the alarming amount of injuries afflicting the team and, as usual, upcoming matches.

This episode’s legendary goal is from a match against the valiant Champions League contenders and Europa League winners Eintracht Frankfurt who will be coming to Mönchengladbach on Saturday evening, 22nd October, and who actually weren’t good sports at all the last time they showed up. But not as rotten as Darmstadt.

Topic-Jingle: Apple/Garageband