092 Just wait till next year

Just wait till next year!

Sorry we’re late, we couldn’t find the “REC” button. So we were forced to cram the second two-thirds of the season into one programme. We start off relatively subdued and sober but we gradually pick up speed and take you on a gripping rollercoaster (ghost) ride through season 2022/23: re-live with us the mounting horror as it dawns on us that our coach is actually an imposter (possibly an alien shape-shifter?) who has never trained a football team before, the nightmarish paralysis inflicted on us by zombie-esque performances of our talented but uninterested players, the anguish and misery as we witness the buffoonery of provincial oafs at press conferences, the torture of hoping against hope that things will somehow get better although we don’t know how, when or why. This is offset by the (maybe somewhat forced) admission that the season did have some nice moments, too, and at least we weren’t fighting relegation, something we would have been extremely grateful for just over ten years ago. And our new sporting director didn’t do everything wrong. And we still are probably the greatest club in the world.

We’ll be back. See you next season!
Topic-Jingle: Apple/Garageband

Host: Manuel Breuer // @binger05
Co-Host: Alexis